Is Your Spouse Cheating on You Financially?

Cristy Verdeja, a PR account executive in Miami, has been happily married for just over a year. But though she has found bliss with her soul mate, she sometimes keeps secrets from him — of the financial variety.

"When I’m feeling especially guilty about wanting something new, I pay cash for my purchase, hide it in my purse, and take it out, take off the tags and hang it up when my husband is in the shower," Verdeja said.

For Verdeja, it just feels easier to keep those occasional retail therapy fixes to herself, rather than to having to justify the ramifications of those purchases to her husband.

She’s hardly alone. Though 82% of all couples surveyed say they’ve never kept a spending secret from their partner, according to a new report from ING Direct and Capital One, that leaves a lot of people using all sorts of tricks to hide some purchases.

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