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Smiling Can Improve Your Health: Carol Erickson talks to CFR’s Edd Conboy about a new study that shows the smiling can decrease stress and lower heart rate.

CBS 3 July 2012


Parenting Perspective

The challenges of parenting can be overwhelming and confusing and can sometimes leave Mom and Dad feeling helpless.  Now there is a growing trend among parents to seek help from parent coaches. 6 ABC talks to Edd Conboy about the pros and cons about bringing in a parent coach to help with unruly children.

ABC 6 News, May 29, 2012


We make New Year’s resolutions every year, but most don’t stick. CBS3’s Health Reporter talks to Edd Conboy, about how to make better New Year’s resolutions.

CBS3 News January 2, 2012

Link Soldier’s Arrest In Wilmington Murder Heightens Awareness For Troubled Vets

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The murder of a Wilmington woman allegedly committed this week by a decorated Afghanistan war veteran is raising awareness about the need for families who see signs of trouble in returning loved ones to get them help.

The father of the man accused in the horrific crime told reporters after his son’s arrest that his two tours of duty in Afghanistan had changed the young man and he didn’t even recognize the son he raised when he returned.

Edd Conboy is director of Operation Home and Healing at the Council for Relationships in Philadelphia.

He says that statement is warning sign of a soldier in need of help.

“If they’re noticing a pattern of escalation, it’s probably not going to improve on its own. And then sometimes the families are sort of hoping for the best. And, of course, sometimes we have veterans who will be medicating themselves with drugs and alcohol and that’s another issue that comes into play, too, and people can see if that is spinning out of control as well,” Conboy explained.

Conboy says in addition to his program, veterans can also find help through the Veterans Multi-Service Center at 4th and Race streets.


North East Times Star: Healing Wounded Minds

It’s fair to say that not all wounds a veteran may suffer while in military service are physical.

In fact, deep emotional scars can plague veterans for years following their return to the States. And these wounds often can take longer to heal and be more difficult to treat than a physical injury.

To target this type of distress and provide the emotional healing that a soldier and his family may need, the Council for Relationships hosts a program called Operation Home and Healing.

According to Edd Conboy, acting director of social services for the Broad Street Mission, at 315 S. Broad St., and director of Operation Home and Healing, the program is designed to help ease the emotional and psychological stress that military veterans feel after they return home. 

These days in particular, for troops returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, emotional stress likely is worse than it might have been for soldiers returning from Vietnam, Conboy noted.

“This isn’t your father’s or grandfather’s veteran,” he said. “The stress levels are beyond anything we’ve seen.” 

Much of this stress can be exacerbated by the repeated tours of duty undertaken by military veterans battling these wars on terrorism, he said. 

These repeated deployments can take their toll. The constant return to the front line would wear on anyone, he said.

In fact, he said, his own father served in the military in World War II and did one tour of duty — which spanned five battles for him, including storming the beaches of Normandy — but Conboy believes that soldiers returning now from the harrowing action in Iraq have suffered deeper emotional scars. 

“Even with all of that stress, I would say they weren’t as stressed as veterans now … these guys are doing what my dad did four or five times,” said Conboy. “It’s a different world.”


Spouse Tracker: Cheating spouses in New Jersey now have a reason to be nervous. A New Jersey court ruled that the use of a GPS device in a spouse’s car to track where they go is not an invasion of privacy.  Edd Conboy,  is interviewed about this new ruling.

NBC10 News July 8, 2011

Link How Does Your Marriage Stack Up?

Today’s younger Philly couples are not only waiting longer to say “I do”; they’re dealing with a whole different set of issues than their parents—from Facebook-stalking to who gets to pick the love seat. Can marriage survive it? An intimate look at an institution in flux.

CFR’s Rita DeMaria, Edd Conboy, and Ken Maguire, weigh in on this issue.


CBS3 News: Self-Care During the Holidays

Edd Conboy opens up about coping with your loved ones (and not so loved ones) during the holiday season…using the FRAMES system.

December 13, 2010


How to Cope with an Empty Nest: Edd Conboy, MS, MFT, shares ways to embrace the transition of children leaving home for college.

NBC’s The 10! Show August 31, 2010



Stephen Slater, the Jet Blue flight attendant who left his job in dramatic fashion, has become somewhat of a folk hero among working class Americans, many of whom feel like he does, that they are not going to take it anymore. But does he deserve such admiration or did he handle the situation poorly? We debate that issue and get viewers’ reactions to their own workplace horror stories.

Comcast Network August 28, 2010